Rifle Competition Results Sunday 7th May 2023

A nice pleasant day for the usual Monthly Prone Rifle Shoot. Weather was fine and winds were gentle so no excuse there. Some interesting results results with less experienced shooters doing well. Congratulations to Stephen and Joshua for achieving fine results. Results below.

Rifle Competition Results Sunday 2nd April 2023

It was a pleasure to get out last Sunday morning after the incessant rain of the previous week. Conditions were good with a mild temperature and little wind. Turn out was low as a number of the usual entrants were either on a club team that was visiting a club in France for some competitions, […]

Rifle Competition Results Sunday 5th March 2023

A Grand Day to be out on the range following a Grand Day to be out on the MNSCI range on the previous day. Exhausted as we were, we were still up for another two competitions on the following day. Hardy men! Those who regularly shoot competitions will know well what I am discussing here. […]

Rifle Competition Results Sunday 5th February 2023

Rifle Competition Results Sunday 5th February 2023. Sunday was a very pleasant day to be out in the open. It was bright, although cold in the shadows. 10 competitors took part with total entries adding up to 15. There was little wind so no excuse. 3 different disciplines were on offer: FSPR, 20 shots at […]

Rifle Competition Results Sunday 8th January 2023

The New Year had started with a few bangs and some surprises. Clearly ,  many of our regular Rifle Shooters felt the need to get onto the range as quickly as possible in the New Year so we were busy on the range today. We had opened the range to members of other clubs and […]

ECSC Sporting Rifle Competition – 4th December 2022

ECSC Sporting Rifle Competition – 4th December 2022   December is upon us and that brings the last monthly rifle competition of the year.  It kicked off in rather chilly conditions with dark, threatening clouds looming ominously beyond the range backstop.  Christmas shopping no doubt had an influence on competition entries with 5 shooters taking […]

Christmas Calendar for Our Club.

The Charity Christmas shoot will take place on our range next Sunday, the 11th of December. Entry fee is €20, all of which goes to local charities. It is a “bring a prize, win a prize” competition which usually generates lots of bottles as prizes for reasons which I do not understand. Start time is […]

Monthly Rifle Competition Sunday 6th November 2022

The usual Monthly Sporting Rifle competition was held on a warm day with mild winds. Visibility was good with bright sunshine from time to time. The two disciplines on offer were SBR(with jacket and sling) or FSR(with front bag or bipod and rear bag). Both entailed getting sore elbows.  Rifles used were mainly Anschutz, 2 […]

Crossover Double Dewar Prone Competition 22nd October 2022

This competition started at 9:30 on Saturday morning, on a pleasant day with moderate wind conditions. It consists of two cards of 20 shots at 50 metres and two cards of 20 shots at 100 yards. This is to keep  happy the people who like Imperial measurements and the people who like European measurements Turnout […]

Prone Rifle any sight Shoot. Saturday 22 October 2022 ECSC.

Any Rimfire .22 rifle Sporting or Target. No high velocity ammunition .22 rimfire only. SIGHTS.  Any sight iron sights open/ peep/Telescopic Disciplines. (1) Prone Jacket and sling. (2) Prone Rested. Rested (A)Bipod and rear bag. (B)Front and rear bag. No Full Length /Sled / Micro adjustable bench type rests. No joysticks Shooters will declare which […]