Prone Rifle Crossover Shoot 2024 .   Saturday 20th July 2024 ECSC.10AM

 Prone Rifle Crossover Shoot 2024 .   Saturday 20th July 2024 ECSC.10AM

Any Rimfire .22 rifle Sporting or Target Rifle. No high velocity ammunition .22 rimfire only.

SIGHTS.  Any sight iron sights open/ peep/Telescopic.

Disciplines. (1) Prone Jacket and sling. (2) Prone Rested.

Rested (A)Bipod and rear bag. (B)Front and rear bag.

No Full Length /Sled / Micro adjustable bench type rests. No joysticks

Shooters will declare which discipline they are shooting on entry.

All targets to be shot as declared either rested or with jacket and sling no 50 /50

Course of Fire 40 shots @ 100 yards 3 bull card

3 bull 100-yard unlimited sighters and 20 shots to count on each 10 per scoring bull.

All targets are full Black Bull NSRA/ISSF Pattern.

 Please ensure all targets are hung the correct way up

The course of fire based on the use of 7 firing points with a 10 am start.

Max shooters on the day will be 21 so we will squad the details and pre reg will be required

Detail 1— will commence at 10 am finish 10.50 am

Detail 2     will commence at 11am and end at 11.50am

Detail 3     will commence at 12 00pm and end at 12.50 pm

20 mins per card and 10 mins change over.


Email( to book a firing point. We will get back to you with a time and firing point number. Firing Points will be allocated by random draw.ecsc

Prizes will be presented on the day after the last Detail.

1st overall   1st target 1st sporter.  Where the overall winner is also the 1st in class, the class prize will go to the next highest in that class. Prize for best newcomer.

Depending on entry and discipline spread extra prizes may be awarded on the day.

Entry Fee €10 to cover targets Prizes and tea and cakes.

This is the first crossover of 2024. We hope the format will continue, the rules may change to make it more interesting and more fun.  We hope as we go forward to attract more entries and allow all shooters gain the most enjoyment and competition experience before they attend at opens and other club shoots, Members not wishing to shoot the competition  may attend and use firing points 9/10/11 (benches )subject to the competition timings and control of the competition range officer