Monthly Sporting Rifle Report -Sunday 7thApril 2024.

How pleasant to arrive at the range before 9:00 a.m.  on a bright sunny morning. It was windy, in the aftermath of Storm Kathleen, but the tempestuous torments had largely passed over,leaving a warm ,calm  and clear view of the lambs gambolling on the green fields, clearly enjoying the good weather. Most shooters arrived up, […]

Archery Events Calendar for 2024

Listed below are the dates of the main Archery Sessions being held on the range. Sessions start st 10:00 and finish at Approx 13:00.   Archery Calendar 2024   3rd March 24th March 7th April 21st April 12th May 19th May 2nd June 16th June 7th July 14th July 11th August 18th August 1st September […]

ECSC RANGE CLOSED on Sunday March 17th, St. Patrick’s day.

The range will not be open this coming Sunday, the 17th of March. Sorry for the short notice but it is the first time for a few years that St. Patrick’s day falls on a Sunday and we are not able to open the range on National Holidays. Business as usual will resume on Sunday […]

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly Report 25th Feb. 2024.

Feb monthly competition report. We held the shooter of the year monthly competition on 25th Feb. There were 11 competitors shooting a total of 16 competitions. This was a fairly low turn out but even after the competition was finished the range was very quiet. Maybe it was the weather, a bit cold, or the […]

Shooting Skills Course Saturday 9th March

We are holding our next members Safety Course on Saturday 9th March at 10:00 a.m. The course will be held in the Rifle Range building. This course will be followed at 11:30 by  a Shooting Skills Course. Attendance on the Safety Course is mandatory for those people who have recently joined. You will get a […]

Monthly Sporting Rifle Report -Sunday 7th January 2024.

A small entry on a very wet and windy day. Well done to the stalwart club members who braved the elements. The 100 Metre stage was trickier than usual. The  shot dispersion was more vertical than horizontal as the wind was blowing down the range, towards the firing line.   There were two entries for […]

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly Report 28th Jan. 2024

The first monthly Pistol Competition of the year followed the much loved T & P 1 Format.  We started at 10am and finished at about 12.30. We had 16 competitors shooting a total of 25 matches, utilising 6 bays. For the first time all T&P 1 matches were shot from the firing points inside the […]

Monthly Sporting Rifle Report -Sunday 7th January 2024.

Monthly Sporting Rifle Report -Sunday 7th January 2024. Well,  the reminder suggested that you com along to this competition and that it would make you smile. So, many of you did come and enter or watch, and it did make you smile. The weather was cold and crisp, a wonderful change from the last two […]

Christmas Charity Shoot 10th Dec. 2023

A very good attendance at this annual event helped to raise a significant amount for local charities. The format is that each entrant pays a contribution to the charity fund and brings a prize. All of the prizes are displayed on a table and each entrant gets to choose a prize from the table, starting […]

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly Report 26th Nov 2023

This was the second time our new pistol building was used for the monthly competition. It was a cold and wet morning and we were pleased to see a reasonable turnout of the truly dedicated pistol and Gallery Rifle shooters. Congratulations to Rex C. who won all three disciplines. The shooting range furniture was recently […]