Shotgun shooting takes place on Sunday mornings, starting around 10.30. We have a complete Skeet layout and a DTL layout. In addition we have  a number of mobile electric traps, so the layout is flexible. Typically a five-stand sporting course will be set up, shooters taking ten clays on each, giving a 50-bird shoot for the day.

Coaching for novices, or those wishing to hone their skills, is generally available after the main shoot for the day is completed.

Target Rifle

This comprises the main rifle disciplines of the International Shooting Sports Federation and the corresponding national adaptations thereof.

The club is affiliated to the National Target Shooting Association of Ireland (“NTSA”)

We have facilities for shooting prone and three-position at 50 metres and 100 yards.

Sporting, Benchrest & Gallery Rifle

The club facilities provide for shooting prone, 3- or 4-position or from the bench with sporting or other suitable smallbore rifles out to 100 metres (typically at 50 metres or 100 yards). Gallery shooting which requires different positions and distances is organised on a regular basis with two rifle and one pistol competition each month.

The club is affiliated to the National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs.

Silhouette Rifle

The club has been active in Silhouette shooting for many years and has provided many National and International winners over these years. As part of our range improvement programme, we have rebuilt the rifle range in order to comply with the latest Range Regulations . As part of this process we have installed 4 complete sets of Silhouette bays allowing  4 shooters to shoot a 40 target set of silhouettes simultaneously. These bays  are used once a month by the NSSAI who run a regular classification shoot on our range.

We cater for the smallbore rifle disciplines of the International Metallic Silhouette Shooting Union and the NRA of America.

The club is affiliated to the National Silhouette Association of Ireland.


Pistol shooting takes place 9.00am – 3.00pm on Sundays. A monthly competition is held on the last Sunday of each month commencing at 10.30am.

The range has a covered firing point with 8 bays and provision for stationary paper targets out to 25m.

Disciplines practiced include most of the popular Bull eye and Time and Precision courses of fire.

The range has consent for all pistol calibres up to .455″

The use of “magnum” and +P ammunition may be restricted.