Monthly Pistol Shoot Sunday April 28th 2024.

The April monthly competition was held on April 28th. There were 16 competitors taking part in 23 competitions. This was a good turnout. HD won the sbp and RC won the osbp. The weather was good and stayed that way until we finished at 12.30. It was good to see new shooters taking part. Clearly all attending were enjoying the banter and the joy of using such good facilities for this type of competition.  More important than the facilities, it is the knowledge that you will be in good company with like minded individuals when you practise your favourite sport! Results as follow:

The target frames are a bit of a problem with the different sizes at the moment, but we will get new frames made when we have sorted the baffle out which should be done on May 18th work detail.

Hopefully this will encourage more shooters to take part as all competitions will be shot from inside the new firing points.

Next Competition will be May 26th Multi Target



Small Bore Pistol.

Name Surname Total
Hugh D 294.12
Rex C 292.10
Frank B 273.3
Angelo S 267.3
Ronan F 256.2
Cathal C 252.0
Raymond D 233.2
Seán M 228.3
Trevor J 202.2
Ewa Z 182.0
Thomas McC DNF

Open Small Bore Pistol.

Rex C 292.8
Frank B 289.5
Seán McE 288.7
Angelo S 263.4
Kevin B 216.2

Center Fire Pistol.

Frank B 275.1
Ed K 267.4
Cathal C 244.3
Trevor J 241.2


Gallery Rifle Small Bore.

Rex C 294.9
Ed P 266.1
Morgan B 235.1