Rifle Competition Results Sunday 7th August2022

August Sporting Rifle Monthly Competition   Sunny, blue skies with a slight breeze greeted this month’s competitors for our monthly Sporting Rifle Competition.  It was a quiet day at the range with holiday season upon us but still five entrants shot across three different disciplines – Sporting Rifle (prone with sling), Field Sporting Rifle (prone […]

New Hybrid competition. Prone any Rifle, any sight Shoot. Saturday 9th July 2022 ECSC.

Since our club was founded over 50 years ago, we have had two mainstream Rifle disciplines. The first is the Olympic  ISSF style , using jackets and slings, shot in either the prone position or in the 3 position style(Prone, kneeling and standing). The second is the sporting rifle style, shot in many positions, rested […]

An Experiment on a new Cross Over Rifle format ! 9th July 2022.

An Experiment on a new Cross over format ! Some of us are used to the rules for ISSF versus local Sporting Rifle which are getting increasingly blurred, so we thought we would try a crossover format allowing both types of rifles to be used in one competition. We are holding this competition on Saturday […]

Target Rifle Competition Results Saturday 4th June 2022

A small but elite band took part in the East Coast Open target rifle shoot on Saturday 4th June .The Trophy was returned to the club having been previously won in 2019 by Ray K. DFTSC​ .So this marks our return to competition after a long absence due to C19 On this occasion the trophy […]

Rifle Competition Results Sunday 5th June 2022

The first Sunday of the month can only mean one thing – our rifle competitions.  In typical Irish summer fashion, it rained from dawn until dusk.  Luckily, despite the wetness, near calm wind conditions prevailed for the seven competitors. Three disciplines were shot, 50m Precision shot from a standing position at 50 metres and two […]

Rifle Competition Results Sunday 1st May 2022

The first day of May and also the first Sunday of the month and that can only mean one thing – the monthly rifle competition.  Ten competitors slugged it out over the three disciplines that were shot, FSPR  (shot from prone, rifle supported front and rear), SPR (shot prone, rifle supported on elbows with sling […]

Rifle Competition Results Sunday 3rd April 2022

A lovely day for a Spring Shoot and a very  busy day on the range. We started with the usual two Rifle shoots. The first being the Prone Rifle competitions of 50 and 100 metres in two categories, one rested and one unrested with sling.  20 shots at each distance. Results shown in the table […]

Rifle Competition Results Sunday 6th March 2022

For a nice change , the weather was good on the day, with warm sunshine and moderate winds. We shot two competitions on the day, FSPR, one card at 50 M and one card at 100m plus the Gallery Rifle 50 M precision. Most competitors shot both. Results in the tables below. No photos of […]

Rifle Competition Results Sunday 6th February 2022

A new year, a new turnout. Very windy day with strong and varying gusts. The wind veered from full value to half value regularly. The rain mainly held off but the cold was consistent. Six members and two new entrants chanced their aim today with one card at 50 Metres and one card at 100 […]

Rifle Competition Results 5th December 2021 plus NASRPC Award Ceremony.

A crisp, clear morning dawned on or range today, reminding us that we are privileged to spend such days in such a beautiful environment. The keenest competitors were up early, helping us set up for the competition. The wind was blowing into our faces so a little extra elevation was required to zero. Competition consisted […]