Rifle Competition Results Sunday 5th March 2023

A Grand Day to be out on the range following a Grand Day to be out on the MNSCI range on the previous day. Exhausted as we were, we were still up for another two competitions on the following day. Hardy men! Those who regularly shoot competitions will know well what I am discussing here. In our sport, you control all of the variables(except wind). You are not dependent on who else is up against you. It is not like most sports where your opponents have a direct effect on how you do. In this sport it is all down to you and your equipment. The latter part is where most people concentrate. It is lovely to buy new kit, change ammo, etc., but the most important part is you, the shooter , and how well you use that equipment. So, back to reality on a typical Sunday on our range. Friends, shoulder to shoulder, being serious, taking the mickey and enjoying the company. That is what club’s are all about.

Prone Competions. FSPR and SPR

Name50 M100 MTotalPlace
Bryan P1961963921
Keith F1871883752
Sean McE1951793743
Asa R1861813674
Stephen O'N1891743635
SBR Hugh D 1871873741

50 Meter Standing Precision Competition,

NameCard 1Card 2Card 3TotalPlace
Hugh D9396952841
Sean McE9893912822
Cathal C7989862543
Stephen O'N7270742164