Prone (and rested) Cross over Rifle, any sight Shoot. Saturday 30th July 2023.

We had 11 entrants for this crossover shoot on a warm and breezy day, thankfully without rain, a very rare event this July. The format was 40 shots at 50 metres and 40 shots at 100 metres, making 80 shots over 4 cards in total. 10 people shot prone and one shot rested. I can see that this ratio will change over the next few years. Shooting on the elbows is not especially comfortable, even with elbow pads and shooting jackets. The groans emerging from our older competitors as they changed position indicates a gradual move to the sitting position in the near future! 5 people shot with a sling and jacket and 6 shot rested, mainly using a bipod or front bag.

Results are shown below.