Rifle Competition Results Sunday 6th February 2022

A new year, a new turnout. Very windy day with strong and varying gusts. The wind veered from full value to half value regularly. The rain mainly held off but the cold was consistent. Six members and two new entrants chanced their aim today with one card at 50 Metres and one card at 100 Metres. Two disciplines shot side by side, SBR , using no rest , just sling and jacket and FSPR, using front and back rests. You will note from the results that the SBR men shot better than some of the FSPR men. There is life yet in the older disciplines. Unusually, the usual suspects were joined by two aspiring members who have never shot in a competition before. They both shot well and can look forward to improving and enjoying our sport.

One of today’s photos shows the rifles used in the first detail. They are all Anshutz, 2 x 1761, 1x 1408 and one 1903. The other photo shows the frozen faces of 7 of the competitors.


Keith F183175358
Hugh D180184364
Asa R185194379
Sean McE190182372
Luan B180179359
Matt D176169345
Bryan P194185379
Anthony F196194390