Rifle Competition Results 7th November 2021

A safety Procedures and Firearms  Handling course was run on the range today, starting at 9:00 a.m. so we had a later start than usual. It was a fine Autumn day, nippy to start with but warming up as the sun shone down. A mild but changeable breeze which caught some contestants out at 100 yards. Course of fire was one 20 shot card at 50 metres and two 10 shot cards at 100 metres. Format was FSPR and SPR, meaning a rest could be used or a sling off the elbows. Congratulations to one of our newer members Ewa Z for taking part in her first ever club competition

NAME50 Metres100 MetresTotalPosition
Anthony F1991943931
Keith F1961913872
Sean McE1921943863
Bryan P1901933834
Ewa Z1701833535


Name50 Metre100 MetreTotalPosition
Asa R1911933841
Hugh D1811883692