Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly Report 31st October 2021

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly Report 31st October 2021


Competition Results


Our pistol range was a bee hive of activity this morning when twelve ECSC members turned up for our ‘Shooter of the Year’ gallery rifle and pistol competition. This morning’s competition was the challenging T&P1 with the HPS being 300.030. Shooters had to shoot twelve shots at the target from a distance of twenty-five metres in two minutes with one reload. After that they moved to the fifteen-metre line where they had to shoot another twelve shots. This time one shot in two seconds with five second intervals twelve times and each time returning their pistols to the forty-five-degree position between shots. Finally finishing up at the ten-metre line to shoot three strings of two shots in three seconds with five second intervals between each two shots. The weather was bright with some light showers between the details. We had a newcomer to this morning’s competition, Ewa Z, who scored a remarkable 215 in her first competition on our range. Hopefully we see Ewa being a regular competitor in future competitions. My thanks to Bryan P and Mark O’D for taking over as CRO and Ro, allowing me to shoot.

With eleven entries in the small-bore pistol open sighs (SBP) competition the honours went to Hugh D who with nine off a possible score showed us all how to do it. Congratulations and well-done Hugh. As some of our regular shooters were missing due to family commitments entries were down in the other disciplines. However, as a club we foster all shooting and it’s great to see members with different firearms and calibre’s each month taking part in our shoot irrespective of entries. Full results below.

I wish to thank everyone who turned up to shoot what was a very enjoyable competition. Our next monthly competition shoot will be on the 29th November 2021 with first shots off at 10:00.



Hugh D 291
Trevor J 283
Anthony F 279
Kevin B 265
Maurice B 236
Thomas S 232
Tom McC 217
Ewa Z 215
Cathal C 186
Mark O’D 176
Ed P 172
Anthony F 253
Maurice B 216
Cathal C 271
Cathal C 293
M1 Carbine                        
Bryan P 276

Anthony F

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Section