How the club works.

Most members of our club do not see the work that goes on to keep the club running so that they can arrive on a Sunday, enjoy the facilities and go home to a nice lunch or to watch the Rugby. That is how it should be. Most members do not want to know how it works as long as it does.

However, underneath the smooth surface, most work is done by volunteers, as we are a club  run by members for members. This item for our website was prompted by the committee meeting which we held on the range last Sunday, the 21st November. As the meeting progressed, I looked around the room and thought that a photograph of the attendees would be appropriate to recognise the contribution of these individuals. In this photo, shown below, you can see the people who do the work.

If you look at the constitution of the club which is on our web site on the top banner of the home page, you will see that the committee, elected each year at the AGM, are charged with the responsibility of running the club. The posts outlined in the constitution are as follows:

Chairperson- this person keeps it all together, sets the tone for operations and provides the vision for future developments. Paul F.

Treasurer–this person accounts for the cash flows, income and expenditure. Konrad T.

Secretary–this person keeps records of all the important meetings and correspondence. Mark O’D.

Membership Secretary–this person manages the recruitment process and membership renewal process. Hugh D.

Safety Officer–this person oversees the safety operations of the range including training for members and Range Officers. Kevin B.

Section leaders–Sporting Rifle, Target Rifle, Center Fire Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol and Archery–these persons are responsible for running the actual performance of the range. This includes, the ranges and buildings, the competitions, training and interface with the National Shooting organisations.  Sean McE, Sean M, Bryan P,. Colin L, Tony K, Anthony F, Patrick C.

There is also the Honorary role of President–elected at the AGM  in recognition of current or previous work done for the club. Sean McE

In addition to these positions, other roles are elected at the AGM or co-opted on to the committee. These roles include:

Office Manager– Colin L

Range Maintenance Officer –Malcolm P.

Waste Disposal and Recycling Officer.– Peter P

Digital Media Officer –Sean McE

Planning Interface Officer– Sean McE


In addition to the regular operations, the need arises from time to time to help out with the major tidy up or improvement operations on the range. These include the annual cut back of encroaching vegetation or modifications to the range buildings or safety structures. Any help in these areas is always appreciated.

If you are interested in helping run the club, then please make this known to any of the individuals in the photo.