ECSC Sporting Rifle Competition – 4th December 2022

ECSC Sporting Rifle Competition – 4th December 2022


December is upon us and that brings the last monthly rifle competition of the year.  It kicked off in rather chilly conditions with dark, threatening clouds looming ominously beyond the range backstop.  Christmas shopping no doubt had an influence on competition entries with 5 shooters taking part.

In a slight change to the usual monthly format of 20 shots at 50m followed by a further 20 shots at 100m, the NASRPC standard competition format was shot instead to simulate a national level competition.  This saw 40 competitive shots being made at a distance of 50m, shot over two scorecards with 20 minutes for each detail.  The maximum score being 400 points.

The breeze had no major effect on bullet impact but it did bring a chill that shivered shooters and dulled the senses of delicate digits.  By the time the last shot had been fired, a deluge of hail was falling and the need for a warm drink was calling to competitors.

Alannah W made her competitive debut and shot impressively well.  As a novice shooter and despite having never shot prone prior to her first trigger squeeze in the match itself, she certainly impressed. Definitely one to watch for the future with a promising shooting career ahead.  Well done Alannah!  A big congratulations to our winner, Anthony F who made his sporting return in fine form following months of injury.  Hugh D soldiered on in Sporting Rifle and I’m sure he’ll have a couple more sling shooters battling him next month.  Bring on 2023!


Results shown below:


Field Sporting Rifle

1st  Anthony F        391

2nd  Asa R               389

3rd  Keith F             376

4th  Alannah W      373


Sporting Rifle

1st Hugh D              367