Christmas Charity Shoot Postponed.

I regret to inform you that the Christmas Charity Shoot has been postponed until Sunday the 22nd of January  2023 at 10:00.  The weather forecast for Sunday seems to be certain that we will have sub zero temperatures over Saturday night and throughout Sunday. I know you are all hardy men and women but the altitude of our range and the quality of the roads up from the N11 mean that it would not be wise for many people to venture out. A big attendance is important for this shoot to make money for our local charities so discretion has won out over valour. The Range will be open  as usual, for local  members and the brave , as long as at least one Range Officer makes it up there!

Enjoy your Christmas holiday and have a healthy and prosperous New Year. I hope Santa brings you everything that you wanted which may not  have been what you told your nearest and dearest you were looking for!