Christmas Charity Competition Sunday 8th December 2019

Each year since we have been at our current range, we have run a competition just before Christmas, the proceeds of which are donated to local charities. Is is designed as a fun event, involving our major disciplines with the format changed a bit each year. This year, competitors shot 12 clays sent towards them in pairs, with the best 10 shots to count. They also shot  a rifle competition , 5 shots to zero and 10 shots to count on a challenging unconventional target. There were 4 “bulls” on this target each one a trade off between score and size,i.e., the bigger the target, the lower the score and vice versa.  You could play safe for a reasonable score or risk missing when going for a higher score.

The turnout was good despite the howling gales and torrential downpours which preceded Storm Atiyah. Every entrant won a prize as the format was bring a prize to win a prize. The entry fee of €20 went to our charity Fund which will be given at the start of next year to a number of local charities in the Roundwood area. The top 10 winners names are shown below.

  1. Konrad T
  2. Maria B
  3. Pat C.
  4. Bryan P
  5. Stephen O’
  6. Ray McD
  7. Ray O’D
  8. Ed S
  9. Dave H
  10. Mark O’D