Rifle Competition Results 50 Metre Field Sporter and 50 Metre Precision Sunday 1st December 2019

The stalwart supporters arrived at the range, early on Sunday morning, to be greeted by cold and bright conditions. How nice to see the blue sky again after a month of grey drizzle, interrupted only by heavier downpours. The targets were set out and the 50 Metre competitions began. There was a slight breeze which needed to be watched but , other than that, conditions were good.

Highest Possible Scores were 400 for the prone and 300 for the standing.

NameCard 1Card 2TotalPlace
Anthony F1971983951
Sean Mc1971963932
Bryan P1881933813
Paul F1891883774
Name3 card totalPlace
Sean Mc2761
Paul F2722
Bryan P2663
Cathal C2564
Anthony F2545