Target Rifle Section Xmas Shoot 14th December 2019.

The Target Rifle Section held its annual End-of-Season / Pre-Christmas Shoot on Saturday 14th December.


The usual small but dedicated group braved the cold and windy weather to attend.  The wind was strong and blustery, blowing generally into the faces of the shooters, but fishtailing significantly as well.  Nevertheless some of the shooters threw down the gauntlet by electing to shoot scratch, i.e. electing to forego the handicap on offer, this being a CYO competition, and in the end it paid off for a couple of them.  But the scores were a lot lower than last year.


The competition was shot over the Dewar Course, i.e. 20 shots at 50yds (shot by us at 50 metres) and 20 at 100 yds.  The first prize was, appropriately and traditionally, a bottle of Dewar’s whisky, and it was won by Sandy W.



The results, after adjusting for handicap, were:


1st        Sandy W.        385


2nd        Anthony F.      376


3rd        Dermot M.      359


4th        Sean M.           350


5th        Dave C.           DNF  (technical problems with sights & sling).



Special thanks to Sean, on account of whose catering efforts we concluded the shoot with a lunch of a hearty vegetable soup (very welcome on a cold day), rolls and mince pies.  And yes – as in previous years the whisky stayed in the bottle as we were all driving home afterwards.