The Sunday Blog

This is the first of what will be a regular series of Blogs based on observations,  musings and impressions of the activity on the range each Sunday, starting today the 6th of March.

A cold day but warm in the Sun. Reasonable level of activity with the  Rifle silhouette shooters in particular getting ready for the National Competition on our range next Sunday, the 13th of March. Low level  wind from the North West with little affect downrange. Most people in good humour but a little grumbling from a shotgun shooter who thought we should shoot less Skeet. Problem is that it is only a few shooters who always arrive early and set up the traps with most people arriving just in time to shoot. If you arrive early, you can influence the set up!

Two of our regular target rifle shooters have just gone off to the USA to compete in some competitions in Florida-lucky men who will no doubt come back brown with some gongs to show off.

The politics at National level in the Shooting sports continue to look fractious. In this regard I suppose they resemble what is going on in the new Dail. There has been an attempt to form a new body to run Gallery Rifle and Pistol shooting, even though we already have one which is doing a good job.I expect this is another good example of throwing your toys out of the pram if you do not get your own way.

“The Pistol Section Secretary has asked that the following be posted on the Blog:-

“The next competition will be held on Sunday 03 rd April April 2016 at the Club, first shots  at 1030 a.m.  The format will be the same as Februarys’, but shot two -handed.  A Gallery Rifle Competition will also be conducted, so bring your long guns with you!!
THERE WILL BE NO PISTOL SHOOT ON EASTER SUNDAY 27 MARCH 2016 DUE THE RANGE  BEING CLOSED– in line with one of the conditions asked of us as part of our planning permission.