The Sunday Blog

Very busy day on the range today as we hosted the NSSAI March National Competition. People came from all over Leinster to take part, even from Tipperary!. ECSC member Nick F was first and modesty forbids me from naming the person who was third.. The photo below shows some of the participants having partaken of a soup and sandwich lunch provided by Peter P.


A view of the targets down range, with a zeroing target still in place, just before we started the competition.


Some of the competitors photographed just before the first detail:


I gather from feedback received today that interest in this blog has increased, probably because of the combined pride/ fear resulting from being featured here. Do not worry about this. all will eventually feature. . Just like the person in the following photograph who is shown as a perfect example of sartorial elegance on the range.We shooters have an eclectic taste in what we consider as appropriate dress to pursue our hobby. In reality, most dress is acceptable as long as it keeps you warm and dry. However it is nice to see our shotgun coach setting such a good example.


As you can see below, not everyone follows Terry’s example. However, they are all warm and dry and enjoying themselves for two reasons: firstly, pride in having broken some clays themselves and secondly, joy in having seen other people miss!