Shooting and Field Sports Car Boot Sale. Sunday 22nd May.

We all love our sports and we all love acquiring the equipment to help us improve our performance. It is part of the pleasure. We try things out, use them if they work for us or put them away in a cupboard and try something else. Well, those cupboards get full and need to be emptied to make room for more accessories. New people are entering our sports at an accelerating pace and these people would love to get starting kit at good price. A perfect match of availability and need.  This has encouraged us to try out a “Car Boot Sale” at our range in Roundwood on Sunday 22nd May, between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. This sale is open to all people who take part in the Shooting or Field sports including Archery.  Club members and friends do not need to book a spot. Non club members should contact us at to let us know they are coming. We have no idea how popular this event will be so we would appreciate you contacting us.

Format is typical car boot. Open your  car boots ,or use a table, or put stuff on a groundsheet. It is up to you. Examples of what to bring include, clothes, boots, cleaning kits, scopes and mounts, bench rest bags, bows, slings, gun slips, stock polishing kits, shooting mats, jackets, gloves, spotting scopes and binoculars. No firearms or ammunition can be included for obvious reasons