Rough Day on the Range. October Monthly Rifle Shoot Report

This was the day for hardy men to show what they were made of. The wind and rain were apocalyptic in proportion, as if we did not have biblical plagues already. Attendance was reduced to locals, in accordance with the Covid restrictions but there were enough attendees to run two competitions. We started with the NASRPC format 50 Metre Field Sporting Rifle Prone. The wind and rain were blowing straight into our faces so  we lowered the shutters and moved back into the firing point making it a 51 Metre competition. This was closely fought with only one point separating the first 3 entrants and was decided on “x” ring scores. Results shown in the table below. Well done to Bryan P. who has been knocking on the door in previous competitions.

We started the second competition, the 50 Metre Precision Standing and got half way through before an enormous gust of wind blew all of the targets off the target frames and scattered them down wind. We all agreed that enough was enough and abandoned the proceedings. Thank you to all who attended. I should add that a few Clay shooters also turned up and shot, in the open, without even a roof like we had. Hardy men!

NameCard 1Card 2TotalTotal "x"Position
Bryan P195196391161
Sean McE195196391142
Asa R194196390193
Arnie E1701773474