Deja Vu

déjà vu
  1. A feeling of having already experienced the present situation.
    “a feeling of déjà vu”
    I know you all feel it, but we are where we are. The current Covid 19 Regulations mean that we must close the range for the next 6 weeks unless the Government indicates otherwise in the intervening time. Look upon this as an opportunity. Now you can research the info-sphere via Google(or other) search engine to find out the latest and best techniques and kit to enable you to become the star marksperson you were meant to be. There is a wealth of information and experience out there, waiting to be discovered. All you need to do , is to be able to judge the real expert from the pretender. Study hard, rehearse your processes in your mind, practise on the floor,  on the kitchen table, or in the garden,(without ammo). When you emerge from this latest cocoon, you can become the glorious Evenus coronata of the shooting sports.