Rifle Competition Results Sunday 3rdOctober 2021

A nice, gentle ECSC Rifle competition today, following in the ethos of previous ECSC comps. Take part if you want, observe if you want, or ignore and get on with your own  shooting if it pleases you. 9 people took part, ranging from first ever competition entries to very experienced. It was nice to see that some experienced members loaned their top grade rifles to new members who otherwise  would have used club firearms. The format  was one card  of 20 shots at 50 metres, and two cards of 10 shots each at 100 metres.  It was also evident that previous experience of shooting at 100 Metres was important as regards judging trajectories and the wind effect.  The format was the NASRPC FSPR using front and back rests in the prone position but it was nice to see Hugh D. shooting unrested with sling and scoring very well.

Rifles used included:

Ruger Precision Rimfire

Anschutz 1710

Anschuts 1761 x 4

Anschutz 1422

Anschutz 54

Cz 452

5 Shooters used Leupold scopes.


Name50 Metre100 MetreTotalPlace
Sean McE1931973901
Stefan J1921943862
Keith F1911943853
Bryan P1941913853
Hugh D1881933815
Patrick J1881813696
Ewa Z1791863657
Stephen O179
Paul F1701032739