Rifle Competition Results Sunday 3rd April 2022

A lovely day for a Spring Shoot and a very  busy day on the range. We started with the usual two Rifle shoots. The first being the Prone Rifle competitions of 50 and 100 metres in two categories, one rested and one unrested with sling.  20 shots at each distance. Results shown in the table below. The second competition was the usual Gallery Rifle precision with 10 shot targets, shot three times with 5 minutes for each target. Results shown below.


ECSC Smallbore Rifle Monthly ShootSBR 50mSBR 100mFSR 50mFSR 100m
CompetitorCard 1Card 1Card 1Card 1Grand Total
Hugh D186188374
Anthony F196195391
Keith F189195384
Paul F192184376
Seán Mc180194374
Arnold E176178354
SBR Standing 50m
Seán Mc290
Hugh D288
Paul F283
Keith F270
Bryan P265
Ralph L260
Anthony F248
Arnold E238