Rifle Competition Results 5th December 2021 plus NASRPC Award Ceremony.

A crisp, clear morning dawned on or range today, reminding us that we are privileged to spend such days in such a beautiful environment. The keenest competitors were up early, helping us set up for the competition. The wind was blowing into our faces so a little extra elevation was required to zero. Competition consisted of one 20 shot card at 50 metres and two 10 shot cards at 100 metres. Both cards have a sighter target and the time limit is 20 mins including sighters. Our newest and youngest member, Ciaran D. took part and placed very well, showing real talent, as this is his first competition.  Two competitors shot SPR with sling. 5 shot FSPR, rested. Results can be found  in the tables below.

We also had an award ceremony today , when the previous winner of the NASRPC National Championship in FSPR, Anthony F. presented this year’s winner of the trophy to Asa R.. Congratulations to Asa. He won many NASRPC competitions in this discipline this year and we are sure he will repeat this achievement next year.



Name50 metre100 metreTotalPlace
Bryan P1961983941
Anthony F1961973932
Keith F1921953873
Sean McE1901863764
Ciaran D1891783675
Name50 Metres100 MetresTotalPlace
Asa R 1931953881
Hugh D1791823612



I have included some photos of Rifles in use on the range today. The oldest is over 50 years of age and the youngest, bought in the last few weeks.  From left to right:

Ruger 10/22 in Fibre Glass stock.

Browning pump rifle

Anschutz 1712 in MDT stock

CZ Heavy Barel with single set trigger.