Pistol Shooter of the Year–Results announced.


After many tough competitions and much friendly rivalry, it is a pleasure to announce the winners of the  rolling competition which has taken place each month since September 2015. The medals were presented to the winners at the club AGM.



  1. Rimfire section:
    1. First Place Frank B 269pts
    2. Second Place Sean Mc 250pts
    3. Third Place Paul F 246pts.
      • Dave C 242 pts.
      • Maurice B 239.
      • Anthony F 230.
      • Trevor J 216.
      • Sylvester D 198.
      • Kevin B 181.
      • Arthur P 149.




  1. Centrefire
    1. First Place Frank B 255pts
    2. Second Place Eddie K (.38 Spl) 205pts
    3. Third Place Cathal C 170pts.
      • Trevor J 135 pts.


Other competitors during the year failed to compete in at least six of the twelve monthly competitions and so cannot be categorised or awarded a place.