National Competition – ECSC – August 2022

  • We are proud to be hosting a National Competition on our range on the 13/14th of August. This is an NASRPC competition offering all the usual Rifle and Pistol disciplines that we shoot on our range as a part of our regular monthly competitions. Some of you will have taken part in the monthly shoots so know what to expect. Some of you have not, but never mind, you will get assistance from other club members and the Range Officers to help you take part. If you want to enter, please use the pre registration form, linked to below, to enter. If you are not sure of what you have to do, please ask any RO or committee member on the range, or send us a message or email to
  • We have organised a “Range Preparation day” on Saturday the 6th August, starting at 10:00 a.m.. If you are free and fancy a bit of exercise in the open air, please come up and help.

National Competition – ECSC – August 2022

The National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs will hold a National Competition in East Coast Shooting Club, Roundwood, Co. Wicklow on the 13th & 14th of August 2022


  • [SBP25P] Smallbore Pistol – 25m Precision
  • [SBPTP1] Smallbore Pistol – T&P1
  • [SBPMT] Smallbore Pistol – Multi Target
  • [SSBP25P] Singlehanded Smallbore Pistol – 25m Precision
  • [SBR25P] Smallbore Revolver – 25m Precision
  • [OSBP25P] Open Smallbore Pistol – 25m Precision
  • [OSBPTP1] Open Smallbore Pistol – T&P1
  • [OSBPMT] Open Smallbore Pistol – Multi Target
  • [GRSB25P] Smallbore Gallery Rifle – 25m Precision
  • [GRSBTP1] Smallbore Gallery Rifle – T&P1
  • [GRSBMT] Smallbore Gallery Rifle – Multi Target
  • [SPR50  ] Sporting Rifle – 50m Prone
  • [FSPR50 ] Field Sporting Rifle – 50m Prone
  • [OFSPR50] Open Field Sporting Rifle – 50m Prone
  • [TR50   ] Target Rifle – 50m Prone
  • [SPR100  ] Sporting Rifle – 100m Prone
  • [FSPR100 ] Field Sporting Rifle – 100m Prone
  • [OFSPR100] Open Field Sporting Rifle – 100m Prone
  • [BR50FS] 50m Benchrest – Factory Sporter
  • [BR50IS] 50m Benchrest – International Sporter
  • [BR50LV] 50m Benchrest – Light Varmint
  • [BR50HV] 50m Benchrest – Heavy Varmint
  • [BR50SA] 50m Benchrest – Semi Auto

2022 Kiel Cup:

The Kiel cup is a Club team event comprised of 4 competitors per team, nominated in advance of shooting.

Each team member will shoot 20 Sils (each silhouette counting for 10 points giving a maximum score of 200), and two cards shot prone at 50m as per Field Sporting Rifle rules.  The best card from the Field Sporting match (max score of 200.020) will be aggregated with the Sils score to give the Kiel Cup Score.

The top three scores from each team are then aggregated for the Club team score, meaning a team with only 3 competitors could still take the honors.

Schedule & ​Pre-registration:
Match Schedule

Note: It is only possible to pre-register for 5 disciplines EACH Day during pre-registration.  Other disciplines may be entered on the day – but will not be scheduled.  Pre-registration is not mandatory, but recommended.

ECSC is not specifically wheelchair accessible.  For more information, please contact the club.

Please Note:

All NASRPC Competitions are Open Competitions and will count towards the 2022 National Championships.

First Detail will begin at 10:00am on both days.
Last Detail will begin at 16:00pm on both days.

Results will be posted in the days following the event
​    Note: ​Medals will only be awarded in classes where there are sufficient entries.

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More Info:

If you have any questions or require any further information please contact NASRPC