Monthly Sporting Rifle Report -Sunday 7thApril 2024.

How pleasant to arrive at the range before 9:00 a.m.  on a bright sunny morning. It was windy, in the aftermath of Storm Kathleen, but the tempestuous torments had largely passed over,leaving a warm ,calm  and clear view of the lambs gambolling on the green fields, clearly enjoying the good weather. Most shooters arrived up, dressed for the worst in Sou’ Westers and Gore Tex gear. Once bitten , twice shy! The wind did not abate but was reasonably steady, as the 100 Metre prone results show. I suspect that many shooters are still in Hibernation after such a rough Spring. Results follow.

April Monthly Rifle Competition Results
PositionNameCard 1 50mCard 2 50mTotalCard 1 100mCard 2 100mTotalGrand Total
Field Sporting Rifle
1Bryan P999919810099199397
2Sean Mc96971939997196389
Sporting Rifle
1Hugh D90881789390183361
Gallery Rifle 50m P
1Hugh D969796289
2Cathal C909096276
3Bryan P877895260