Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly Report. 24th March. 2024.

March Monthly Competition Report

The March monthly Shooter of the year competition was held on 24th March. It turned out to be a great day weather wise. There were 15 shooters who shot 24 competitions which was a good turnout. The competitions were shot from inside the building which, was popular with all entrants. In the r/f pistol red dot class, only 1 x separated the first and second placed shooters SME and RC. The r/f pistol iron sights class was the most popular class with 11 entries. Unfortunately, we had no small targets for the rifle shooters.  Sorry about that, we will have them next time so bring your rifles with you.

Next competition will be held on 28th April. It will be in  T&P 1 format.


To see the results table below in it’s entirety, click on the “Show” button just below and click on the “25” line.



CompetitorRF Pistol CF PistolRF PistolCF Pistol
Iron Sights (SBP)Iron Sights (CFP)Red Dot (OSBP)Red Dot (OCFP)
Sean Mc(3x) 2661
Rex C2551(2x) 266 2
Cathal C24822421
Frank B246322622643
Bryan P2474
Paul F21662405
Sylvester D2334
Anthony F21752306
Marie F20772247
Ed P2038
Ronan F1889
Dave C185101383
Angelo S143111808
Ed K2551
Kevin B1739