Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly report 24th April 2022

 Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly report 24th April 2022


Competition Results


Eleven ECSC members turned up for our monthly gallery rifle and pistol competition this morning. Although it was sunny with a light breeze, the temperature was on the cold side. The morning’s competition was a change of format to one of our favourite matches. The ‘Multi Target Modified’ saw its first outing on our pistol range. Match one, distance 25mts, five shots on each target in thirty-five seconds to include one reload of five rounds. Match two, distance 20mts, five shots in eight seconds on the bottom left hand or bottom target. Match three, distance 15mts, five appearances each of two seconds with intervals of five seconds on the right hand or top target, followed by a five round reload and repeat this time on the left hand or bottom target. Match four, five shots on the right hand or top target in eight seconds. The scoring rings on the targets were remarked to allow a HPS of 300.030. We had fifteen entries across five disciplines. My thanks to Hugh D for taking over as Ro, allowing me to shoot.

With seven entries in the small-bore pistol open sighs (SBP) the honours went to Hugh D. Well-done Hugh. The open smallbore pistol category (OSBP) was won by Rex C. Well-done Rex. Results below.




Hugh D 281
Sean M 256
Anthony F 246
Sylvester D 218
Keith F 191
Trevor J 167
Angelo S 116
Rex C 280
Sean McE 264
Anthony F 252
Sylvester D 243
Rex C 285
Anthony F 260
Cathal C 249
Trevor J 229
M1 Carbine
Bryan P 258



I wish to thank everyone who turned up to shoot what was a very enjoyable competition. Our next monthly competition shoot will be on the 29th May 2022 with first shots off at 10:00.

Anthony F
Gallery Rifle and Pistol Section