Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly report 19th December 2021

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly report 19th December 2021


Competition Results


Sunday morning was overcast, dry, cold and foggy, but that did not deter  the twelve ECSC members who turned up to compete. The ECSC ‘Compendium 2’ was a surprise to many who shot last month’s ‘Compendium 1’. Just when they thought they had it easy, another air rifle target  was added.. HPS being 300.030. We had twenty-one entries across four disciplines. Mark O’D took over as RO on the first detail and for the rest of the morning Hugh D stood in to run the competition and allow me shoot. My thanks to both gentlemen.

The small-bore pistol iron sights  division (SBP) had eleven entries and for the third time in a row, the honours went to Hugh D with a top score of 169 x300. Not an easy competition by any stretch of the imagination. Don’t take my word for it, give it a try yourself. For the second time in a row the honours went to Rex C in the (OSBP) competition. ‘Well done to Hugh and Rex’. Three riflemen took part alongside our pistol shooters. They too found the target format challenging with the honours going to Bryan P who put in a respectable score with 217 x 300. I did say it wasn’t going to be easy. Everyone who took part enjoyed themselves in what was the last shoot of the year.

Full results below.

I wish to thank everyone who turned up to shoot. Our next competition shoot will be on the 30th January 2022 with first shots off at 10:00. I take this opportunity to wish all ECSC members and families a very “Happy Christmas and a very Prosperous New Year 2022”.


Anthony F

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Section



Hugh D 169
Sean McE 147
Cathal C 132
Anthony F 119
Ed P 103
Brian O’B 99
Thomas S 93
Declan K 91
Trevor J 67
Caeleb B 64
Frank F 45
Rex C 181
Sean McE 171
Anthony F 128
Cathal C 96
Caeleb B 91
Frank F 81
Bryan P 217
Declan K 204
Cathal C 164
Bryan P 179