Advance Notice. NASRPC competition on our range on the 14/15th August

All club members are advised that ECSC is hosting a National Competition on our range, all day Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th August. It is our privilege to host such a meeting although it does imply that all of the firing points on the Rifle and Pistol ranges will be fully booked on both days. We realise that this could cause some inconvenience to some members but we also understand that the members who like to compete can enter the competitions and participate to their heart’s content whilst the more casual users, can pick which  other days they choose to attend as usual. Shotgun shooting continues as usual with the Sunday 50 bird shoot at the regular  time.

Members who plan on entering the competitions should keep an eye out for the NASRPC link to the pre-registration site which enables them to book their places in advance.