COMPETITION RESULTS   MONTHLY PISTOL/GALLERY RIFLE SHOOT 31 MARCH 2019. To-days cold grey weather didn’t dampen the ardour of the keen club members and the large entry of 22 shooters contrived to make for a very busy and enjoyable mornings activity and competition. The format was the tried and tested NASRPC 25P challenge, 30 rounds […]

ECSC at the NASRPC National Championships 9/10th March 2019

  The NASRPC holds major competitions at many clubs around the country throughout the year. each of these competitions includes a number of rifle, pistol and shotgun disciplines . A “Leaderboard” is maintained by the competitions director which keeps track of how each competitor has scored in each competition. The top three scores in the […]

Rifle Shoot Report 3rd March 2019

It was another day for the hardy men. Driving rain and sleet. Temperature hovering around 3 degrees C. Results below.  

Annual Inter club shoot with CIPC Wexford.

The first of these two way shoots took place last year. Format is home and away and both clubs enjoyed the competitions immensely. We welcome all club members to take part, regardless of your level of proficiency. The best way to improve skills is to practise and the best way to measure how your practise […]


The cold, foggy and damp day kept the faithful few away today with only fourteen entries being recorded. We used the Timed and Precision 1 format (T&P 1) 30 rounds being required to meet the HPS of 300. A big ‘Thank you’ to Kevin B. and Anthony F. who took over as Range Officer and […]

Shotgun Competition Sunday 17th February 2019

Following the immediate success of last week’s report. here is the second in the series. It was a cold and windy day, but competition is intense between the top 3 shooters. Who will come out on top as the Shotgun shooter for the month of February?  

ECSC team wins overall prize at the CIPC competition last weekend

The ECSC team of Paul F, Cathal C, Anthony F and Sean McE won the overall team prize a the Castlebridge Invitational Pistol Club shoot in Wexford last weekend. Well done! The relevant results are shown below.   Club Team Score ECSC 1375.055 Eagles 1369.063 Courtlough 1357.054 Castlebridge 1352.037 Hilltop 1324.045 WOOD 1282.028 FRC 1261.03 […]

Shotgun Competition Sunday 10th February 2019

This is the first of the new style of reporting the results of our Sunday shotgun shoots. In each of these reports will be displayed a photo of the results sheets recorded on the day. Each shooter can be faced with the reality of how he performed as opposed to the vague memory that each […]

The “Hardy Men” Rifle competition- 3rd February 2019.

It was a cold, windy start to our Monthly Rifle Competition on Sunday morning. As can be seen in the photos, the snow lay all around and the range flag flew horizontally throughout the competition. Fortunately, the wind was steady, at a right angle to the bullet’s flight, so once your initial zero was established, […]

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