Three Club Multi Discipline Multi Location Competition.

This was the first mutli discipline competition arranged between our club and two game based  local Wicklow clubs. It should be no surprise to discover that many of the participants were members of two of these clubs and some were members of all three. It proved emotional for some participants to declare for a particular club! The disciplines chosen were as follows:

Shotgun. 25 Skeet. 4 points a hit

.22LR prone rested at 50 metres. 20 shots. Usual 6 card target. Max 10 points for a bull.

Centre Fire Hunting Rifles at 100 metres. 10 shots. Small target.Max 10 points for a bull.

Any calibre Pistol. Two handed at 25 metres 20 shots. NASRPC 25 metre handgun target.Max 10 points for a bull.

The points awarded for a shot at each discipline were set to attempt to equalize  the possible scores across the disciplines.

The Shotgun and Prone .22LR were shot on the ECSC range and the Centre Fire and Pistol were shot on another range. 19 people participated on each range with some change of participants across the ranges.

The final results were close with only 34 points separating ECSC from the second placed club. 2270 versus 2236.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable two day event and as a bonus, some shooters got to try out disciplines which they were not familiar with, so improving participation in our sport.