Stellar Day out as Star Trek supporters beam down to ECSC

There we were, on Sunday morning last,  wondering if the gloomy mist would lift, when a sudden light  started glowing in the middle of our Archery range. I wondered if  the wine I had the night before(a lovely Rhone from Cairanne) had induced me to drink too much, but after checking with the person next to me, (a Tea Totaller), I realised that I was not the only one seeing the glow. Out of the mist came a group of people with smiles on their faces, obviously friendly. They spoke to me in English and told me that they were shore party from the USS  Cuchulain, who had gone back in time to examine the ancient sport of Archery. Their aiming system had gone a bit awry and they had ended up on our range instead of Sherwood Forest. Were we fazed? Never! Out came the bows and arrows and everyone set about enjoying themselves as you can see in the photos. We invited them to try out the food from our synthesizers but when we went to the refectory, all we could produce were Ginger Snaps and tea which turned out to be rare delicacies for the crew.

Next up the Vulcans and Romulans.