September Rifle competition Results 6th September 2020

Two rifle competitions were held on the range today , as is usual on the first Sunday of each month. Conditions were good with sunshine and a mild breeze which did change direction  frequently causing the loss of a point from time to time. Format was the NASRPC 50 metre Field Sporter, for scoped rifles weighing under 10.5 lbs, all in. This is shot in the prone position, rested front and back. Two cards are shot with unlimited sighters and 20 shots on each card  to count, giving a maximum possible score of 400.  As can be seen from the scores in Table 1 below, two experts and a beginner took part with a close place for first place. Fair play to Arnie for stepping up to the mark and I expect to see his scores improve as he gets more experience.

The second competition was the 50 Metre Gallery Rifle precision format, shot in the standing position in in 4 relays of 5 minutes each. The first relay is unlimited sighters. The next 3 relays are 10 shots each, giving a maximum possible score of 300.This was a closely fought contest with only 3 points separating the first 3 positions.


NameCard 1Card 2Total Position
Anthony F1981963941
Asa R1971963932
Arnie P1671793463
NameCard 1Card 2Card 3TotalPosition
Sean McE9193922761
Ralph L9093922752
Paul F9292892733
Asa R8890902684
Anthony F7877892445
Arnie P7857662016