Rifle Competition Results Sunday 7th August2022

August Sporting Rifle Monthly Competition


Sunny, blue skies with a slight breeze greeted this month’s competitors for our monthly Sporting Rifle Competition.  It was a quiet day at the range with holiday season upon us but still five entrants shot across three different disciplines – Sporting Rifle (prone with sling), Field Sporting Rifle (prone with supported rifle) and Gallery Rifle 50m Precision (standing).

Sean Mc shot very well having honed his bipod shooting technique over the past weeks and  took first place in Field Sporter.  Meanwhile, Hugh D tried his hand a shooting off a bipod having not shot like that in many moons.  Hugh also shot separately using a jacket and sling – but not only that, he also shot our 50m Precision standing category earning him the “most dedicated shooter of the day award”!  Well done Hugh.

Ewa put her Anschutz to great use to finish 3rd overall in the Field Sporter category, her best result so far and making her top novice shooter of the day.  Keep up the practice Ewa!

This was the final chance for some practice before ECSC hosts our very own NASRPC national level competition next weekend, the 13th & 14th of August and all competitors finished the day looking forward to the coming event.


ECSC Smallbore Rifle Monthly Shoot
Date: 08/08/2022
SBR 50mSBR 100mFSR 50m
CompetitorCard 1Card 1Card 2TotalCard 1Card 2Grand Total
Sean McE196196392
Asa R189196385
Ewa 188192380
Hugh D191176367184193377
Keith F183188371