Rifle Competition Results Sunday 1st March 2020

A very unexpected good turnout on a very bad day for precision rifle shooting. The wind was full value at 90 degrees to the range with frequent gusts blowing into your face and sudden lulls. I thought that most members would be scared off by the aftermath of Storm Jorge but that was not the case. Nevertheless, trying to shoot from the standing position proved impossible so we settled for running the 50 Metre Field sporter competition of two cards with 20 shots on each across 4 bulls. Results and group photo of competitors follow:


NAMECard 1Card 2TotalPosition
D Crocket1991993981
A Oakley1981963942
R Hood1961953913
W Earp1931953884
C Hancock1901913815
Clint E.1881903786
W, Hiccup1851883737
ED McGivven1801873678
S Kid1701843549