Rifle Competition Results 50 Metre Field Sporter and 50 Metre Precision

As is customary on the first Sunday of each month, two rifle competitions were held on our range today. The 50 Metre Field Sporter competition is shot in the prone position,  over 2 cards with 20 shots to count and unlimited sighters. Maximum possible score is 400. The front and back of the rifle can be rested. 20 minutes are allowed for each card. Conditions were mild with a gentle wind which strengthened a little as the day progressed. 7 entries were received and the results are shown in the first table below.

Sean McE1981993971
Anthony F1961953912
Paul F1891893783
Bryan P1831933764
David G1821793615
David C179170349
Trevor J1471522997

The other competition was the 50 Metre Precision which is shot unrested, in the standing position, over 3 cards of 10 shots each, preceded by a card for unlimited sighters. The maximum possible score is 300. 5 minutes is allowed to shoot each card . 7 entries were received. Results shown below. Two people tied 0n 276 so second place was decided on a countback of the “X” bulls scored.

David G9893982891
Sean McE909393276 (7 "x")2
Cathal C929292276( 2"x")3
Ralph L9390902734
Paul F9290902725
Anthony F8588762496
ED P7162551887