Prone Rifle any sight Shoot. Saturday 10th Sept 2022 ECSC. Results

This was a “Double Dewar” competition which meant that there were twice as many shots as usual. 80 in all. More pain for the knees and elbows, especially for the older members. But pain is no barrier for the dedicated shooters amongst us.

We had two full details for this competition, spread across the different disciplines, 14 shooters in all. Each shot two targets at 50 metres and two targets at 100 yards. Conditions were good and so were the scores which can be seen in the attached table. 5 people shot in the “sling and jacket “class and 9 in the “rested bipod” class. The rested scores were slightly higher, as you would expect, but the” sling and jacket class” ran close. The variety of rifles and scopes used was interesting and I am only sorry that I did not think to take photos of each Rifle so that you could see the various set ups. I will endeavour to do this for the next competition, which will take place before the end of this year.

The overall winner was Anthony F. returning from a break in competing in the last few weeks. A well deserved win. First in the ” sling and jacket” class was Sandy W. First in the “bipod class “was Keith F who can be seen in the pic below as the only one doing any work! This was his first win in a major competition. Well done Keith!


CategoryScoresCat.OverallNon-EliteNon-EliteNon-EliteN-E valuesTo Do
NameRelay & F/PNon-Elite?50 metres100 YardsTotalPlacePlacePlaceCountScoreList
Position - Jacket & sling
Asa R1 1929797983849396949738076438200
Hugh D1 58493949336491929494371735513200
Sandy W1 6989497983879596999638677316200
Dermot M2 69392959637693948692365741411200
David C2 2989698973899595959838377227200
Rested - Bipod or bags
Keith F1 2959998973899897999739178022200
Sean McE1 3959796983869999949738977533200
Val P1 4998797983819998989839377455200
Ralph L1 79810098983947498989636676069200
Brian P2 19699100973929597949738377533200
JKW2 70000074548893309309914200
Anthony F2 3999799973929897999939378511200
Paul F2 49594969137693898992363739812200
David O'C2 5Yes939492963758990939536774271011742
Ties are broken only where required for the awarding of prizes.1