November 2015 Pistol Shoot Report


29thNovember 2015

General Winter scored a direct hit on East Coast Shooting Club this morning with the arrival of Storm Cloddagh!! Giving us extremely strong winds which not only knocked over the target stands and ripped targets off the frames the wind also managed to knock over unused target frames INSIDE the shooting hut –a ‘first’ for East Coast in the five years that I’ve been shooting in the club!!

Nonetheless the morning saw a very good turnout of fourteen members to compete for the first time in the monthly pistol shoot. This months’ results will be the first entry in this the first year of the Annual Pistol Shooters Competition and I attach the rules for information of all. This mornings’ shoot used the NRA 15M Slow Fire competition format and the NRA high quality targets.

Thanks to all who took the trouble to travel and compete and my thanks to Kevin for supervising for one of the three details, thus allowing me to compete! Congrats to Frank -again -on his ‘double-category’ win, proving that practice makes perfect at every turn!!

I now post the Rules for the Pistol Shooter of the Year Competition for information of all. This should spice up the shooting competition across the whole year and promises an extra dimension of challenge for those in the pistol section. I will be attaching a running score sheet as well as the monthly results to each months’ results so that members can monitor their progress and that of their rivals!!

The next competition will be held on Sunday 27th.December2015 at the Club, first shots off at 1030 a.m.

Paul F,


NRA Slow Fire 15MFormat HPS 300.

Frank B. 251
Paul F. 227
Anthony F. 214
Sean Mc. 210
Pat C. 203

(decided on ‘X’ countback)

Maurice B. 203
Trevor J. 193
Arthur P. 171
Kevin B. 135
Ed P. 125
Peter P.