NASRPC Sanctioned National Match at ECSC.

Last weekend saw us running a National shoot for the fourth time. Over 50 individuals from 10 shooting clubs in Ireland arrived to take part. 24 different disciplines were on offer . 63 different details were run over the two days. Most details were booked out during the preregistration process which is run on line by the NASRPC. We still had space to add walk ins mainly because some people who had booked slots failed to show up or notify us that they were not coming. This is just bad manners.

This type of competition is data intense and would not be possible without software provided by the NASRPC.

The preparation started two weeks ago with a day of hard work on the ranges to get them ready. Mainly gardening. I would like to thank the 12 members who gave us some time to cut and trim. Your names are saved on our “good person” list. I would also like to thank the RO’s and office personnel who made the event run smoothly. Your names are also on this list. Special thank you to the NASRPC brass who attended including Nigel B, Mark and Ian McC and Eugene O’R.

We took the opportunity to survey the types of rifles being used for the Prone and Bench Rest disciplines. A brief summary follows:

Number of Rifles surveyed = 24 of which 2 were semi autos and 22 bolt actions.
Make of Rifles:
Anschutz 14 — 8 x 1710, 3 x 1761, 1 x 1712, 1 x 1407, 1 x 1907.
CZ 5 — 2 x MTR, 3 x 455,
Ruger 2 — 2 x 10/22
Tikka 1
Unknown 1
Weight range from 7 lb 1 oz to 11 lb 4 oz.
Average weight 8 lb 11 oz.

The photos below show some of the action.