NASRPC National Competition at ECSC 8/9th August.

“ Dear Members
This weekend your club hosted a shoot on behalf of the National Association of Sporting Rifle and Pistol Clubs, the organisations’ first since lockdown was eased. In a first for the NASRPC the club itself was tasked with running pre-registration, registration, and scoring and scores entry and categorisation. Needless to say a lot was hanging on our doing the right things the right way and in my opinion they were!! Many many members of your committee and club have given of their time to prepare the range and its equipment as well as learn new IT skills to make this happen. Our warmest thanks go out to the many many club members who assisted in RO duties and also turned out to shoot. It was a busy day on both ranges and feedback from the competitors was very positive as never have the members been so clean what with the clean range and multitude of hand sanitizers set throughout the entire range area. All the planning came to fruition so well done to one and all.  A full report of the shoot follows.
Stay safe hold firm and health be with you and your loved ones.
Paul F


Match Report ECSC NASRPC Competition 8/9th August 2020


The match was run on two lovely warm ,sunny days with only light breezes. Perfect conditions for shooting. 49 people completed the Pre registration process, coming from clubs as far apart as Kerry and Donegal. The Covid caused lockdown of Kildare, Laois and Offaly was announced on the 7th of August which stopped registered competitors from these 3 counties from arriving so 39 competitors shot in the match, submitting 264 entries and firing approx 5000 rounds. Most of the people who could not come let us know, but not all. Club members attending were as follows:

—– ——-
ECSC       11
HT          6
CSG         6
BRC         4
HH          3
CAST        3
FRC         2
MNSCI       1
KERRY       1
IPAPC       1
DNGL        1

There was an air of excitement around the range on Saturday morning. ECSC club members had put a lot of effort into sprucing up the ranges and making it as presentable as possible and all were looking forward to shooting competitively for the first time in 6 months. Shooting started on the button at 10:00 am and continued through until 5:00 pm. Competitors arrived on time, registered and proceeded to the firing points without delay. All details started on time and the match ran like clockwork on both days. Compliance with the Covid 19 regulations were monitored with no groups of people congregating between details. Correct spacing was ensured on both ranges with ample supplies of hand wash, masks, etc., available as required.

This competition was in many ways a trial run of the new process for handling NASRPC National Competitions. In previous years, a team from the NASRPC committee would set up the process and supporting IT system to run the match and then go to the host range and manage the shoot administration. This method caused a heavy workload for a small number of people who attended and ran all  national level shoots around the country . This was not sustainable so a way was found to enable the clubs themselves to run such shoots, with guidance from the committee. We would like to thank the NASRPC committee and ex committee members who guided us through the process so making the competition efficient and enjoyable.

The ECSC club would like to thank all their members who prepared  the range for the competition and the members of other clubs who helped in the administration of the shoot. Results were entered into the system very soon after the end of each detail so that the draft match results were ready to print at 5:00pm on Sunday.

The draft results will be available on the NASRPC web site shortly.