NASRPC Match at ECSC 8/9th August

After a very long hiatus from National Competition the first competition to be run will be at the ECSC Range in Roundwood, County Wicklow on August 8/9th.
We have been working hard to get their range in tip top shape for the event
and are looking forward to hosting the first National match since BRC way back in February.
Obviously, we are not done with COVID just yet –
so please be considerate of others
and follow both HSE Guidelines and those listed in the Match Notice.
Enjoy yourselves and aim small
National Competition – ECSC- August 2020
The National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs will hold a National Competition in The East Coast Shooting Club, Roundwood , Co. Wicklow on Saturday, 8th and Sunday 9th August.
[SBP25P] Smallbore Pistol – 25m Precision
[SBPTP1] Smallbore Pistol – T&P1
[SBPMT] Smallbore Pistol – Multi Target
[OSBP25P] Open Smallbore Pistol – 25m Precision
[OSBPTP1] Open Smallbore Pistol – T&P1
[OSBPMT] Open Smallbore Pistol – Multi Target
[GRSB25P] Smallbore Gallery Rifle – 25m Precision
[GRSBTP1] Smallbore Gallery Rifle – T&P1
[GRSBMT] Smallbore Gallery Rifle – Multi Target
[SPR50] Sporting Rifle – 50m Prone
[FSPR50] Field Sporting Rifle – 50m Prone
[FSPR100] Field Sporting Rifle –100m Prone
[OSBR50] Open Smallbore Rifle – 50m Prone
[TR50] Target Rifle – 50m Prone
[BR50HV] 50m Benchrest – Heavy Varmint
[BR50LV] 50m Benchrest – Light Varmint
[BR50IS] 50m Benchrest – International Sporter
[BR50FS] 50m Benchrest – Factory Sporter
[BR50SA] 50m Benchrest – Semi Auto
Club Team: Scores from the following disciplines will be aggregated from each club, to give a club score which will count towards the 2020 NASRPC Club League. Scores from the best 6 competitors in each club will count. [SBP25P] Smallbore Pistol – 25m Precision
OSBP25P] Open Smallbore Pistol – 25m Precision
GRSB25P] Smallbore Gallery Rifle – 25m Precision
GRSBTP1] Smallbore Gallery Rifle – T&P1
FSPR50] Field Sporting Rifle – 50m Prone
BR50FS] 50m Benchrest – Factory Sporter
In addition, the Keil Trophy match will take place between any clubs which may wish to enter using the following rules:
Teams to be made up of 4 individuals, nominated in advance of shooting, the best 3 scores in each discipline to count.
Disciplines are:
20 silhouettes shot using the NSSAI rules for SBHR. Each silhouette shot counts as 10 points. Top 3 scores from 4 individuals count into team score.
Two cards shot prone , unrested at 50 metres with jacket and sling. 20 minutes for each card, unlimited sighters plus 20 shots to count. Rules are as for the NASRPC Field Sporting Rifle as regards equipment.. The best card from each individual counts so the 3 best cards out of the 8 shot count into the team total.

We are running a National Match for the NASRPC at our range near Roundwood on the 8/9th of August. If you wish to take part then please follow the links below:





Match Schedule.






Pre Reg Entry Form.