Monthly Sporting Rifle Report -Sunday 7th January 2024.

A small entry on a very wet and windy day. Well done to the stalwart club members who braved the elements. The 100 Metre stage was trickier than usual. The  shot dispersion was more vertical than horizontal as the wind was blowing down the range, towards the firing line.


There were two entries for the 50 Metre  Rifle Precision which is shot standing up. Those of you who regularly shoot or follow this particular competition format could conclude from the scores that new National Records were shot. Alas, that is not the case. We could not produce the usual Regulation targets used so used  some old 25 Metre T & P 1 pistol targets which are similar but have larger scoring rings than the usual ones.Still, it makes you feel good to look at the scores!




NAME50m Card 150m Card 250m Total100m Card 1100m Card 2100m TotalOverall Total
FSPR 50 and 100metre
Sean Mc95961919795192383
Asa R97971948991186374
Stephen O'N94971918591176367
SPR 50 and 100Metre
Hugh D91951868789176362
50 Metre Precision
Hugh D9910098297
Cathal C959597287