Monthly Rifle Competition Sunday 6th November 2022

The usual Monthly Sporting Rifle competition was held on a warm day with mild winds. Visibility was good with bright sunshine from time to time. The two disciplines on offer were SBR(with jacket and sling) or FSR(with front bag or bipod and rear bag). Both entailed getting sore elbows.  Rifles used were mainly Anschutz, 2 x 1712,  2 x 1761,  a lightened Target Rifle , a CZ Heavy Barrel and a Marlin.

The Prone competition started late and the range was busy so we did not run the Precision 50 Metre competition in order the let other members shoot.

NAMESBR 50 Card 1SBR 50 Card 2SBR 50 TOTALSBR 100 Card 1SBR 100 Card 2SBR 100 TOTALGRAND TOTAL
Keith F87921798685171350
Hugh D98961947376149343
FSR 50 Card 1FSR 50 Card 2FSR TOTALFSR 100 Card 1FSR 100 Card 2FSR TOTAL
Sean McE100981989594189387
Bryan P96971939792189382
Asa R193187380
Steff J89911809090180360