Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly report 29th May 2022

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly report 29th May 2022


Competition Results

The sunshine welcomed us on the range this morning as twelve ECSC members turned up for our monthly gallery rifle and pistol competition. The mornings competition was a complete change from the usual formats. We used the ‘25mts Precision (SBP25P)’ target set at the 25mts and 20mts mark and the ‘Timed and Precision (T&P1)’ set at the 15mts and 10mts mark with the HPS being 300.030. We had seventeen entries across four disciplines. My thanks to Hugh D for assisting me in with the RO-ing.

The small-bore pistol open sighs (SBP) honours went to Hugh D with Declan K taking first place with his ‘red dot’ in the any sights (OSBP). Well-done to all who took part. Full results below.

I wish to thank everyone who turned up to shoot what was a very enjoyable competition. Our next monthly competition shoot will be on the 26th April 2022. It will run alongside our Inter-club shoot with CIPC from Wexford. This competition will be a sixty-shot match with two details containing eight matches (HPS 600.060). For those who only want to shoot the monthly shoot we will take the first detail scores (HPS 300.030). We are hoping to see a large number of shooters on the pistol range and with that in mind we will start the first detail at 09:00hrs.


Anthony F

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Section



Hugh D 279
Declan K 247
Anthony F 242
Keith F 208
Thomas S 185
Sean M 183.2X
Stephen O’N 183.1X
Ewa Z 161
Trevor J 133
Declan K 277
Sean McE 268
Anthony F 261
Rex C 245
Sean M 227
Rex C 264
Anthony F 232
Dave C 207