Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly report 29th January 2023

Competition Results

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly report 29th January 2023

Last Sunday, eighteen members of East Coast Shooting Club got rid of the last of the winter blues with the monthly pistol and gallery rifle competition shoot. A dry and sunny morning greeted the shooters, who took part in six categories with thirty-one entries in this first shooting competition of 2023. With competitors queuing up to take part, it was one of our highest entries recently. The format for the morning was the 25-metre precision. This event is shot at 25 metres and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. It requires 30 rounds and is shot over three details each with ten rounds. It includes at the start, a sighters detail with unlimited sighters permitted in the time frame. It is shot on the NASRPC PL7 (large) target. The maximum possible score is 300.030. We did not have any of the smaller PL14 (small) targets for the rifle, so we used the bottom part of the fifty-metre sporting rifle target with the four bulls instead. The advantage of using this target was, we did not need to keep replacing the target when it was scored as there are four bulls on it and we had the practice bull marked with a P. Hugh D once again showed us his marksmanship skills by winning the SBP event. Rex C won both the OSBP and the GRSB event, with Frank B taking first in the CFP event. Marie F shot her very first SBP competition and ended up in a very respectable eighth place out of thirteen. Great  result for her first competition. Congratulations and well done to all the winners. My thanks once again to Hugh D who ran the shoot for me.  Results below.

Our next competition shoot will be held on the 26th February 2023 and will be the T&P1 target at 25mts, 15mts and 10mts. Hoping to see you all then.


Anthony F

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Section




Hugh D 258
Cathal C 249   2X
Anthony F 249
Frank B 246
Trevor J 242
Rex C 238
Marie F 204
Seán M 198
Sandy W 196
Vincent O’H 163
Kevin B 162
Angelo S 157
Thomas S 151
Rex C 268
Frank B 262
Emmanuel K 257
Ronan F 249
Seán McE 235
Anthony F 203  1X
Marie F 203
Frank B 253
Cathal C 221
Eddie K 216  10X2
Trevor J 216  10X1
Eddie K 238
Rex C 221
Bryan P 197
Eddie K 184
Ronan F 181
Anthony F 163
Bryan P 177