Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly Report 25th Feb. 2024.

Feb monthly competition report.

We held the shooter of the year monthly competition on 25th Feb. There were 11 competitors shooting a total of 16 competitions. This was a fairly low turn out but even after the competition was finished the range was very quiet. Maybe it was the weather, a bit cold, or the Rugby that kept people at home.

The competition was Multi Target and was shot from outside the new firing points. Most entries were SBP with 8 which Hugh D won.

Brendan M won the GRCF classic but only because he was the only shooter ! Sean McE won the small bore Red Dot sight competition.

I would encourage more people to participate in these competitions as they are a good way to gauge your improvements in your target shooting and because they are also fun.

For the shotgunners that want to take part we start the competitions at 10.00am and each detail is usually finished in 20 – 25 minutes. If you want to shoot we can let you shoot in the first two details and you will be finished before the shot gun starts at 11.00am.

For those taking part in future competitions please bring a pen and stapler.

Next competition will be March 24th which will be 25m Precision

First detail 10.00 last detail 12.30

Brendan M.


Shooter of the year monthly competition Feb 25th 2024
CompetitorRF Pistol CF PistolRF PistolGRSBGRCF
Iron Sights (SBP)Iron Sights (CFP)Red Dot (OSBP)Classic
Hugh D2781
Rex C272227022891
Anthony F26032852
Cathal C24442422
Trevor J24352431
Raymond D2066
Kevin B1863
R F1447
Ed P1388
Sean Mc2741
Brendan M244