Gallery Rifle and Pistol Competition Results 26th February 2023

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Competition Results

26th February 2023


Sixteen ECSC members turned up for our monthly shoot last Sunday. Weatherwise, it was bright but slightly cold with a little wind. This was the second pistol and gallery rifle shoot of the year and it ran like clockwork, with Hugh D standing in again and running the morning’s competitions over the six disciplines with a total of twenty five entries. The course of fire on the morning was the ‘much-loved’ TP1, shot from 25mts, 15mts and 10mts with the highest possible score of 300.030. One member in particular, Rex C, went on to win the SBP, the OSBP and the GRSB. His scores in all three shoots were consistent, all being over the 290 mark out of 300. Congratulations Rex and well done. Results below.

Our next pistol competition shoot will be on 26th March next with first shots away at 10:00hrs. Looking forward to seeing you all again when we will be shooting the Multi Target at the four distances.


Rex C 291
Emmanuel K 288
Cathal C 285
Bronagh M 280
Hugh D 260
Kevin B 254
Anthony F 237
Kevin R 232
Seán M 200
Sylvester D 185
Marie F 144
Vincent DNF
Rex C 293
Seán McE 289
Anthony F 274
Sylvester D 254
Marie F 205
Cathal C 269
Eddie K 254
Eddie K 253
Rex C 293
Bryan P 292
Anthony F 280
Eddie K 262
Bryan P 261


Anthony F

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Section